FAQ's - Fort Worth Judo Club

1. Are you a for profit club?

a. No. We are a 510(c)3 non-profit organization. The club survives on dues, donations and some fundraising. All of our coaches are volunteers. They are black belts or brown belts.

2. What are your schedules?

a. We meet 3 times a week. Tues/Thurs 6-7 for kids class with adults immediately following from 7 -8:30 and Sat 10-11 for kids class with adults immediately following from 11-noon.

3. Do you have to attend all 3 classes?

a. You can come any number or combination of days, whatever fits your schedule. Of course, the more often you attend class, the faster you will be promoted. We also tend to close judo classes if there is a tournament in the area. We are here year round except for 2 weeks during the Christmas season.

4. When are promotions?

a. Promotions are once a month (last Saturday) for kids and the adults follow a modified promotion schedule. Promotions are judged by attendance, class participation and skill level. Tests are in two parts, written and technique demonstration on the mat. All promotions (belt color changes) are included in your monthly dues.

5. Do you have dressing rooms?

a. We have a men's dressing room and are in the process of renovating the women's dressing room. We do have a men's and women's restroom. Most children come already dressed in there gis.

6. What about snacks and drinks?

a. We have a water fountain and a refrigerator. Feel free to bring your own water or sports drink. Please note the club is a peanut free zone as we have some students or siblings with severe peanut allergies. So no food products with peanuts are allowed.
b. NO FOOD or DRINK on the MAT!

7. How are the classes structured?

a. We have all different skill levels on the mat during each class from people with no experience to people who have been doing judo for many years. Each class begins with everyone bowing in and warming up together. Then, the new students will be taken off to the side with a coach where they will work on the fundamentals such as how to roll and fall properly. Once they become comfortable with the fundamentals, they will then join the others in the proper skill level on the mat. Typically, the kid's class is broken up in to different groups according to skill level where they work on appropriate techniques. Then, the class will cool down and bow out. The adult class runs basically the same. They will also work on the same techniques. Kids and adults are asked to sign the attendance charts after completing class each day.

8. Who are the coaches/instructors?

a. All of our coaches/instructors are highly trained, unpaid volunteers donating their time and skills. The coaches all teach from the same curriculum but of course have different teaching styles. This is a great advantage as we have wonderful coaches.

9. Do you have to compete in tournaments?

a. We encourage tournament participation but do not require it. Our coaches teach tournament play and rules. We try to hold mock tournaments especially prior to a tournament.

10. What are the costs?

a. The monthly dues are $70/single and $100/family of 2 and $125 for Family plus additional. All dues are due on the first of every month and we ask that everyone participate in our automatic draft system from checking or savings account or credit card. We will accept cash or check for the first month only. Then we ask that you sign up for the draft system. The judo Gis (uniforms) are $60 each.
b. We stock white Gis unless a blue gi is specially requested (Blue Gis are used in tournaments) which might incur additional cost. We typically have all gi sizes in stock but if we do not, it usually only takes a few days to get one in.
c. You are also required to become a member of US judo. This membership is your secondary insurance and also allows you to compete in sanctioned events and tournaments. This is an annual cost that runs $70 but usually there is special pricing available from time to time. You sign up for the US judo membership online at www.usjudo.org. Check their website for current specials.

11. What is your contact information?

a. You can visit our website at www.fortworthjudo.org and find us on Facebook and Twitter. If there is any important information, you will find it on the web in these places.
b. You can also call 817.207.9500 or Email us at information@fortworthjudo.org

12. How do I get started?

a. It is required that every potential student observe one class before signing up for judo classes. So make yourself at home and let us know if you have any questions.
b. Consult with your physician with regards to participation in demanding exercise, as judo can be very strenuous.

13. What else is there for kids?

a. For the kid's class, we also try to play judo/sports related games. This is very fun and keeps the kids interested as well as working on some fundamental judo skills (i.e. crab walk soccer, bacon, dodge ball).
b. Other things that we teach students are to be a good partner as well as to excel. By this, we mean we teach kids to take falls correctly so their partner is also learning to throw. If everyone is a good partner, it's a win/win!