Dojo Rules

Consult your physician regarding participation in strenuous exercise.

Membership Forms/liability/Photo waivers are required for all athletes.
Parents or guardians must sign for minors.
All students must also be members of USA Judo (National Governing Body - We can help with registration if needed).

Family Oriented

No profanity, improper gestures or negative language will be permitted.
Children must maintain passing grades in school to participate in FWJC classes.
Report Cards are to be shown to your instructor.

Class Etiquette

Students must address all instructors as Sensei or Coach.
Athletes are expected to arrive on time and be ready to start class at the appointed time.
If you are unavoidably late, you must seek permission from the instructor to join a class already in progress.
It is possible that your instructor will deny your request.
Athletes are not permitted to leave the class without first speaking with the instructor. This is for your safety.
No shoes allowed on the Judo Mat. You must, however, wear shoes when you are not on the Mat.

Keep It Clean

Students are responsible to keep their uniforms clean.
Finger nails and toe nails must be kept short and clean.
Keep the facility clean. Do not leave trash or personal items in the dojo.

Be Respectful

Good citizenship will be practiced at all times.
Parents are asked to step outside of the facility to use cell phones.
Athletes must turn their phones off upon entering the facility.
The dojo is not a playground, be respectful of the mat.
Do not climb on the poles or furniture.

Safety is a Must

No Sparring, full Randori or full contact Grappling is permitted without a Coach being present.
No gum or food is permitted during class.
Jewelry is not permitted in any class that involves contact with other students.